2 responses to “Creating a personal brand that includes all of me

  1. Hello Kate!
    You are my official 20th blog comment! I’m not sure I will get counted for Jessica Tantisooks because she has some secure settings on her comments sections. Anyhow. Your card… I really like that you put a face on the card. I had done that on my resume, but my friends discouraged it even though I received a lot of call backs from it. Not sure why it’s not normal to put a face on a resume. Well, anyhow I like that you did for your card. Hmm. So, I guess my only concern about putting your life’s interests/hobbies/passions on a card would be based on your target audience. I mean technically I could put on a card that I play the drums, rock climb and river kayak, and like to cook, but it wouldn’t be a good message to send out if I wanted a career in solar. Up to you. Just a thought. : ) Happy Holidays!

  2. I love the video it really makes personal branding seem ‘real’ instead of cheap or marketing-esque! Fits great with your blog and post. Glad you shared…

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